The Shocking Reality of Stockpiling Batteries

Stockpiling Batteries

Batteries are an exciting form of technology, one which most people use daily. People who stockpile batteries have a reason for it. Usually, the stockpiler is aware that they do not need such large quantities of batteries and that there may be some perceived or actual flaw in their everyday life if they do not have access to a full battery supply.

Batteries are used as a means of storing power, usually electricity or solar energy. The stockpiler feels that they need to have this much-stored power because their everyday life relies on it. For the stockpiler to be able to do certain things, they require battery storage.

People who stockpile batteries are usually not aware that they do so. People often think of themselves as an average person in society and act accordingly. However, when you ask them why they have this or that number of batteries, it becomes evident to both the stockpiler and others that their life is deficient without such a large battery supply.

What’s With “Preppers” and Batteries?

Lots of Preppers Hoard Batteries

Some people hoard batteries because they are stupid. One might think that investing time and money into collecting something as seemingly useless as a battery is illogical. Sometimes, however, the irrationality of human behavior has to be taken into account. For example, one might ask why humans collect coins or stamps when they have no practical value either.

One might think that the act of collecting coins or stamps is a waste of time. Yet, humans do it anyway: some are even willing to spend thousands on rare or antique pieces. One might think that the coins and stamps of today have no use, but one cannot deny their cultural value.

Even though coins are not used to buy things any longer, they still play an essential role in certain rituals like tipping or as souvenirs. The same can be said about stamps. Nowadays, most people send emails and text messages instead of letters. The tradition of sending postal mail is thus becoming obsolete.

Collecting Batteries and Stamps for the Stockpile

Yet, certain people still manage to collect stamps. Some of them are obsessed with the old ways where postal mail was a dominant form of communication. It is not hard to see the parallels of this behavior with that of people who hoard batteries. While most people would immediately throw away a dead battery, some are determined to preserve it or even stockpile them.

People stockpile batteries because they do not have a proper understanding of the world around them. I am not saying that this is the fault of individuals, but rather it is due to a too complex set of self-reinforcing societal and economic factors. The individuals who stockpile batteries are the direct victims of a process that began years or decades before they were born.

It is not their fault, though it may seem that way to them. The responsibility lies in the organization of society as a whole, and especially with those in charge of running things. I am referring to governments, corporations, educational institutions.

The Madness of the Modern World Spur Stockpiling and Collecting Batteries

Individuals Stockpiling Batteries Against Complex Events

To understand the connection between these things and individuals’ stockpiling of batteries, we need to take a look at the various complex series of events that led up to this situation. In the very early stages, it began with a small number of humans treating other humans poorly, usually because of differences in race or religion. This led to a situation where groups were formed and fought against each other for many years.

This situation ultimately led to the creation of a group that was in charge of running things on a large scale. These governments were initially created as temporary necessities, but over time they became entrenched and developed their interests. So why would someone stockpile batteries? There must be something about their function or properties (or perhaps lack thereof) that appeals to humans.

Batteries seem to have a particular benefit that is useful in any situation. They can produce electricity without the need for combustion or explosion, thus making them safer and more portable than other means of generating power. However, they are not quite as ‘clean’ as the alternative forms of energy production (solar, wind) that are currently gaining popularity.

Having a Stockpile of Batteries Still Requires Keeping Them Charged

Batteries still require a certain amount of social work to maintain and charge them with electricity. While batteries are often associated with mobile devices, they can also be stationary. Think of a phone plugged into the wall for charging. So the question is, why would anyone stockpile batteries?

  • They are not useful in every situation. For example, they cannot be used as a primary source of heating or cooling.
  • They require work to maintain and charge. A certain amount of forethought is needed for their proper use.

Batteries are essential devices of conversion, designed to store and release electricity. Humans have many needs – food, water, warmth/cooling are some basic ones. Electricity has already been widely adopted as a means for satisfying such needs: refrigerators, light bulbs.

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