How To Take Care Of Your Car Battery

How To Take Care Of Your Car Battery

It is common for the majority of people to not think much about their car battery. After all, when you purchase a car, all the parts come in good condition.

Buying a car is always an exciting moment. To finally have a vehicle that can take you to places whenever you want is very convenient. What most people don’t know, unfortunately, is how to take care of their car fully. One particular aspect of the car that often becomes neglected is the battery.

How To Take Care Of Your Car Battery

The Importance of Taking Care of Your Car Battery

It is very understandable that people often forget about their car battery or do not think twice about it. Batteries can last for a very long time, and you would probably need to only replace your car’s battery once or twice during the vehicle’s lifetime. But, as with most things in life, when you take extra care of something, they tend to last longer or have a higher chance of reaching their full potential.

For many people, the time to change their car’s battery is when the battery dies. Although this is common and makes sense, this is not how it should be. The time to change your car’s battery should be when it is nearing its expiration date or when you know that the battery is worn out.

By knowing when to change your battery at the appropriate time, you can avoid waiting for roadside assistance when the battery finally dies. Besides, you will also save a lot of money and time waiting for your car to start working again. So, it is always a wise decision to be prepared by taking better care of your car battery.

Know your battery

Knowing the expiration date of your battery will definitely help you to know when to replace it. This knowledge will also help you determine your car’s problems if you come across any operational issues. Additionally, your knowledge of your battery will help you understand a little bit more about the battery’s lifespan and how effective it is. That way, when the moment comes to purchase a new one, you can decide whether to get an improved version or be satisfied with what you had.

Test your battery annually

Although batteries can last for years, it would still be a good idea to check under the hood yearly. You never know what can happen throughout the year, and checking can only do your car some good. Plus, checking regularly can help you to ensure that everything is running well and smoothly.

Checking your battery is especially important if you are about to go on a long drive. There is nothing worse than getting stranded by the side of the road and waiting hours for help. On top of that, you will be wasting precious vacation time. So, maintaining a good checkup of your battery becomes an essential task if you were to think of the long run.

While most batteries nowadays are maintenance-free and can last up to five years, it is still advised to check them. If you have purchased a new battery, you don’t need to give them a thorough checkup until after two years if you live in warmer climate areas or four years in colder climate areas.

How To Take Care Of Your Car Battery

Purchase the newest battery (and recycle the old)

When shopping for a new car battery, the best purchases are within six months of their production date. If you can find one within their three-month production date, then that’s an even better choice. Naturally, the fresher the battery, the longer it can last. To determine the battery’s manufacturing date, it will either have letters from A to B signifying the months of the year, or it’ll be in numeric dates.

Some stores or retailers where you’ve purchased your old battery can accept your old battery back. So, it would be a smart idea to purchase your new battery with them because when you do, you might receive a small refund from recycling your old battery.

Compare battery warranties

Another vital factor that you should keep an eye out for is the warranty for your new battery. Not all brands will offer the same warranty, and even battery warranties from the same brand may differ according to the kind of battery you’re looking at. So, make sure to take the time to check this benefit.

A battery’s warranty is measured in two ways. One is the free-replacement period, and the other is the prorated period. The free-replacement period is when you can replace your new battery without cost if anything were to happen to it. Of course, this is the issue with the battery does not come from your neglect, such as not maintaining it, for example. Typically, the free-replacement period is about a year.

As for the prorated period, this is much longer and usually lasts for as long as the battery runs. The prorated period is where you can receive some or partial reimbursement if specific issues occur with your battery during its lifetime. Again, the reimbursement will depend on how the battery came to have the problem in the first place.

The two types of car batteries

There are two types of batteries that you can purchase. These are the traditional or regular lead-acid batteries or the Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) batteries. The latter is becoming more used nowadays as cars become more and more modern. As a part of knowing your battery, don’t forget to know what car your battery can accept.

How To Take Care Of Your Car Battery


Maintaining your car battery to ensure that it is in good condition can play a huge role in your overall vehicle performance. Every part of the car is essential, especially those that are required to run it. As you know more about your car battery, you will be better positioned to buy another good battery and make the most of your current one.

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