Battery Executives Across All Industries Warn: Shortages Begin Q3 2021

Battery Executives Across All Industries Warn: Shortages Begin Q3 2021

First, it was the graphics cards. Then, the power supplies. Next, the chips. While the tech shortages have only compiled, a new shortage is around the corner: batteries. Executives across nearly every tech-related industry have warned these critical components will be facing critical shortages due to manufacturing and materials backlogs.

There are already parking lots filled with Ford trucks finished, except for the looming and necessary central processing unit needed to run their computer system. Many have gaming machines sitting in their home with every component except the GPU. The power supply shortages really started to shake up the industry as it grew simultaneously as the CPU shortage and nay-sayers didn’t have much to say.

Battery Shortages Will Disrupt Critical Component

Before our individual problems become painful to bear, we will already see the genuine impact on every facet of our digital life. From our food delivery systems to their organic farming machines, it’s a race against time and maintenance to keep things rolling on their necessary component upgrade schedule. These critical components pose weaknesses as technical holes are exposed and opened to hackers and exploiters who aim to profit or cause harm.

Replacement and Upgrade Schedules First

Batteries are unique compared to other high-tech components. Old batteries are famous for being downright dangerous, and for a good reason. If a battery is pushed beyond its lifespan, it’s liable to explode literally. To make matters worse, batteries can act like firecrackers, causing an explosive chain reaction wherever and whenever they go off.

Nearly every electronic component at every level requires battery materials. This brings us to the real problem that is actually even worse than GPU, CPU, power supply, and battery shortages. This would be the physical materials required being on a backlog, as these materials are used as necessary components for every PCB found in all electronic devices.

Material Shortages for Battery Manufacturing Is Even Worse

Once material shortages begin, we’ll see the beginning of a backlog for basic resistors, transistors, capacitors, and more. These are necessary components for every PCB, big or small. This could be your next computer mouse, keyboard, or motherboard. This could be a television or even the spaceship used to supply the International Space Station.

Once this begins, we are in a race against time to fulfill the previously mentioned replacement and upgrade schedule to prevent a total system collapse. Our collective fate is intertwined and completely relied upon by the manufacturer of these components, and we all know who they are.

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