Storing Single-Use Lithium Batteries In Your Emergency Kit

Storing Single-Use Lithium Batteries In Your Emergency Kit

When it comes to emergencies or unpredicted incidents, it truly pays to have an already prepared emergency kit nearby.

When you prepare an emergency kit for those days that will sure to cause panic, you should not just prepare items that will help you with any unfortunate situation. It would be a wise decision if you also prepared items that will help you survive if needed. This is why it is just as important to store batteries in your emergency kit. After all, you never know what you will need when emergencies happen.

Storing Single-Use Lithium Batteries In Your Emergency Kit

Why Storing Batteries is Important

Batteries are among the most important inventions of the modern world. They can come in diverse sizes and capacities. You can even find rechargeable batteries, which makes them seem like they can last forever. Batteries have so many uses that you can find them in almost all technology. In fact, ever since their introduction to the world, they have proven to also be vital to the advancement of technology.

Unfortunately, disposable batteries do have expiration dates. However, they can last for years before becoming duds. Even rechargeable batteries lose their storage capacity over time. So, if you can’t decide on whether you should store rechargeable or disposable batteries in your emergency kit, then disposable batteries, also known as single-use batteries, should be your choice.

Why choose disposable batteries?

Although rechargeable batteries are extremely convenient, when it comes to survival situations, however, there would be a high chance that electricity won’t be available. Furthermore, there are a lot of disposable batteries out there that can last much longer than rechargeable batteries and this capacity is the factor that you want to consider for your emergency kit.

The thing about survival situations is that you never know where you will end up. In some cases, you might have to go somewhere secluded where electricity may not be accessible. In these cases, it would be vital to have batteries that will last a long time. So, by choosing capacity over convenience, you are preparing yourself to survive longer.

Why choose lithium batteries?

Another name for single-use or disposable batteries is primary batteries. The best primary batteries that you can store for a long-lasting effect are the lithium kinds. As already mentioned, this is because they have longer expiration dates than rechargeable batteries and compared to alkaline batteries, which is the other kind of primary battery that you can get.

Storing Single-Use Lithium Batteries In Your Emergency Kit

Of course, whenever you decide to go for quality over quantity, you will suffer the high pricing cost. Because of how much better lithium batteries are, they can be up to three times the price. But, if you really want to stock up for an emergency situation that could mean life or death, then you certainly don’t want to sell yourself cheap.

If you’re wondering what brand to grab your batteries from, then Energizer is your perfect choice. They are a battery manufacturer that has proven themselves to constantly beat other competitors when it comes to both battery life and capacity. Some Energizer batteries can even have a lifespan of up to 20 years before they expire. Again, this will be a pricy purchase. But, considering that you will be using these batteries as storage for when an unfortunate time comes, you can rest assured that you have the right batteries for the job.

How Often Should Emergency Kit Items Be Replaced

The majority of the items that you store in your emergency kit should have an expiration date. However, the items you pick should be those that have a longer expiration date, so that when the time comes to update your kit, you won’t need to replace everything. After all, preparing an effective emergency kit is pricy and you may not even need to use the kit at all. So, you want to at least do it right the first time to avoid any regret later.

As for your primary batteries, each of them will tell you their expiry date both on the packaging and the cell itself. If you don’t know what type of battery to get, then consider making a list of the tools or equipment that you have in your emergency kit. For example, if you have a flashlight, then find out if it takes double A or triple A batteries and how many it needs. This kind of planning will definitely save you worries later on.

What are some safe battery practices?

First and foremost, you should never throw batteries away into flames or anywhere near fires. This is because they can explode or cause a spark that can lead to a domino effect. When storing your disposable batteries, it would be best to keep them in their packaging for maximum safety.

You also don’t want to store too many batteries in your kit. Not only can this pose a greater danger, but batteries are pretty heavy when you have a lot of them. When putting together an emergency kit, you don’t want it to be too heavy to carry because you never know how far you will have to travel in emergency situations.

Lastly, never dare to open up batteries as the chemicals inside them can be poisonous or hazardous to inhale. Some batteries can even damage your skin, so it would be wise to only use them for their purpose and disposed of properly after usage. As great and beneficial batteries are, you should never take them lightly because their damage can be just as significant as their use.

Storing Single-Use Lithium Batteries In Your Emergency Kit


Single-use lithium batteries are your ideal batteries for your emergency kit. They last long, have a long usage, and are very reliable. So, when you’re preparing your own emergency kit, no matter how large or small, you should always stock a pack or two of primary lithium batteries. When the time comes, this planned action might be the means that could save yours or someone else’s life.

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