Top Solar Batteries To Have As Backup Power

Top Solar Batteries To Have As Backup Power

Solar batteries are a great invention. To be able to store power by solar means is very convenient, especially when a power outage occurs.

How much power can be stored will depend on the capacity of the battery, as well as its ability to absorb energy from the sun. If you live in areas where power outage happens often, then you should definitely have some sort of backup power. And, if you often go off the grid, then it is even more vital that you have an effective solar battery.

Top Solar Batteries To Have As Backup Power

The Different Types of Solar Batteries for Backup Power

Having backup power is very useful. Even if your location rarely experiences power outages, your backup power can still serve as a great precautional measure. After all, you never know when an emergency will strike. At least when they happen, you will certainly feel proud and avoid panic by having some power to rely on that can help you get through the emergency situation.

When it comes to deciding what solar battery to buy for your backup power system, there are three types that you can get. Knowing these types can help you to better understand which solar battery to choose and why it would be the best option for your backup system.

Flooded Lead-Acid

Lead-acid batteries have been around for a very long time. These are considered to be the traditional or regular type of batteries. Therefore, this is the most common battery that people purchase. Lead-acid batteries are affordable and are 99% recyclable, which means that they are very easy to get rid of when they reach their expiration date.

There are two kinds of lead-acid batteries and the flooded lead-acid kind is designed to handle daily charging effectively. However, they do release some gases as a byproduct, so they need to be ventilated. Furthermore, flooded lead-acid batteries need regular maintenance, so despite their purposeful design, they must be kept an eye on.

The cells in this kind of battery will need to be submerged in water in order to function properly, hence why they’re called flooded lead-acid batteries. It is recommended that you check the water monthly. But, the battery should be filled every 1-3 months to ensure that the cells are submerged sufficiently.

Flooded lead-acid batteries, also known as FLA for short, are great for people who want to be hands-on with their backup power system as it requires constant checkup. They are also the most affordable option, so if you don’t want to splurge on a battery and don’t mind getting your hands dirty, then this is a good choice for you.

Sealed Lead-Acid

The sealed lead-acid battery is the other kind of lead-acid battery. As opposed to the FLA, this kind of battery doesn’t require many checkups. So, this would be the ideal choice if you can’t attend to your backup system regularly. Sealed lead-acid is a seal-proof and non-hazardous battery, so they do not need to be ventilated like with the flooded lead-acid battery. One thing that you should note when shopping for a sealed lead-acid battery is that you can get them in two versions. These are Absorbent Glass Mat (more commonly known as AGM) or gel.

Top Solar Batteries To Have As Backup Power

Lithium Battery

If you’re new to the world of batteries, then you have probably at least heard of lithium batteries. This is because they are commonly found in laptops and cellphones. Lithium batteries are the newer type of batteries and have only been around since the 70s. So, as far as batteries go, these are the modern types and are also becoming popular in the renewable energy area.

Lithium batteries are a lot more expensive than lead-acid ones by at least double the amount. However, this is because they offer greater benefits. Although they are much pricier, they have a lot longer lifespan, they require no maintenance, they are more efficient in energy usage, and they have more energy storage or have higher storage capacity. So, if you want the best or you prefer quality over quantity, then you can’t go wrong with investing in a lithium battery for your backup power system.

Recommended Solar Batteries to Buy

There is a fair amount of solar batteries that you can explore on the market today. The number of choices can get overwhelming, so we have listed below a couple of recommended options that are ideal for certain conditions. When considering which to buy, make sure that you take into account certain factors, such as the appliances you have in your home, how often you use them and the amount of power they use, whether you can maintain the battery or not, where you are located, and, of course, your budget to purchase a battery.

Best battery for off-grid homes

If you live in an off-grid area, then you want a battery that you can rely on to power your everyday needs. For this, the Discover 48V Lithium battery is a good choice. Because lithium batteries have a long lifespan and can meet your daily power demands, they really are the only option if you live off-grid. The last thing that you want is to fall short with your power usage and you certainly don’t want to travel far just to get a new battery.

Best battery for off-grid vacation homes

On the other hand, if you are looking for a battery for your vacation home, then you won’t need a lithium battery. In this case, you can go fine with the 415Ah FullRiver DC400-6. This is a sealed lead-acid AGM battery. This battery won’t require any maintenance and has enough power for you to use in those few times a year that you visit your vacation home.

Top Solar Batteries To Have As Backup Power


Solar batteries have accomplished so many wonders for our society already. They are also eco-friendly, so they are becoming more and more popular. With so many uncertainties that can happen in today’s busy world, it might be a wise decision to have a backup power system in your home.

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