What Are The Best Batteries for the Xbox One Controller?

What Are The Best Batteries for the Xbox One Controller

It’s mid 2021, and people can’t even buy new graphics cards. At the same time, the new gaming consoles are equally impossible to find. This means the Xbox One still is the king, but if you want to enjoy the gaming the Xbox One provides, you’ll not only need the games themselves, but also a controller. What’s the one thing you need to make the controller work? Well, a compatable Xbox One Controller Battery, of course! There are all too many options of Xbox One Controller Batteries on the market, and many flooded by Chinese knockoffs, as every battery niche expert would warn, so let’s compare the best and most popular Xbox One Controller Batteries to keep your hands safe from the plastic shrapnel of an exploded Xbox Controller!

Top 3 Best Xbox Controller Batteries

1. Xbox One Battery Pack, 1200mAh Ni-MH Rechargeable Battery

Good batteries can be hard to find, and unfortunately, it’s often only available in-stock at the likes of Amazon. However, this is the next best thing: Walmart! It is the Official Xbox Controller Battery Pack that packs a punch and is guaranteed to not explode in your hands. Although, if it does, it’s backed by Microsoft – and you’ll have a million-dollar lawsuit in your hands that any decent lawyer would be happy to help you with, at zero cost to you!

The best part about this battery pack is that it’s backed by a billion-dollar corporation, ensuring the highest of safety standards and manufacturing quality control. The next best thing is that it’s actually cross-compatible for the Xbox One, Xbox One X, and even the Xbox One S!

This battery pack will keep your Xbox Controller charged and fully functional for tens of thousands of hours over the course of it’s lifetime, and it even comes with the charging dock to keep the battery you aren’t using charging in preparation for your next swap!

best batteries for xbox one controller

2. DOBE Xbox ONE Battery Bag

This Xbox One Controller Battery pack is certainly made by a third-party but is well-reviewed on other platforms outside of Walmart, although Walmart is the fastest and safest way to reliably get it delivered to your house. The benefits of third-party hardware like this is obviously going to be the price. It’s slightly cheaper than the name-brand batteries for the Xbox One Controllers, but that’s ok. Not all of us have money bags!

Speaking of bags, this nice little product actually comes with an accompanying Battery bag, allowing for safe and easy transportation, making this the only Xbox One Controller Battery that is ready to go for the mobile user! This certainly carries with it some major bonus points, and puts it in our overall #2 best spot!

DOBE Xbox ONE Battery Bag

3. EEEkit Xbox One Controller Battery, Dock, & Charger Kit

Grabbing the Third Best overall spot is an interesting option for many people, especially those looking for a permanent and attractive setup for their Battlestation. This Xbox One Controller not only comes with two batteries, like the #1 best option but also comes with a complete Docking Station to accompany its Charging Kit. This means when you are done playing on the Xbox One, you can set two controllers on the Battery Dock and it will charge them directly while maintaining a resemblance of a clean and tidy setup for the professional adult!

Traditionally, Xbox One Battery packs that come with Docks like this one often run over $50, but we found this one at an absolute steal of a deal at near $20! This makes it good enough for our Top 3 List as it packs a special punch of extra value for all you gamers out there looking for new batteries for your Xbox controllers.

Rechargeable Battery Packs for Xbox One

What Makes These The Best Batteries for Xbox One Controllers?

Like we mentioned before, the market is flooded with lots of real, fake, and dangerous versions of Xbox One Controller Batteries for your Xbox One peripherals. The ones listed here meet many filters, among them the reputation of the manufacturer, the reviews of the individual product, as well as an accompanying delivery provider to make sure when you buy it – you actually get it.

Further, we always like to find the best batteries for Xbox One Controllers that bring a little extra to the table, in terms of raw value. For these three options, they either offer an official status, a portable carrying bag, or even a complete Xbox Battery Controller Docking station included in the cost! No matter what exact kind of Xbox Controller battery you are looking for, or what extra goals or needs you have for your specific type of gaming, one of these three options will be exactly what you are looking for. We hope you come away from this with even more than you were looking for. You don’t need to spend a small fortune on batteries, and if you do – well, we hope you get a little bit extra for it as well!

Conclusion: The Top 3 Best Overall Batteries for Xbox One Controllers

These batteries are all sold officially on the Walmart site, as it’s the only available option we could find that wasn’t the behemoth that is Amazon, and isn’t some sketchy looking website. It’s sad that we have to refer people to Walmart. We feel it. Truly. There used to be a wider variety of manufacturers of batteries, but the likes of competition has driven the price down and forced these manufacturers to close their doors. It turns out, we truly do live in a society. If you want to know how far our society has come, it’s at the point now where “rebelling against Amazon” is literally shopping at Walmart. Hey, every little bit helps! Do you want to pay for Bezos to play golf on the Moon?

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